What’s next?

What’s next?

Gone are the days of ‘out with the old and in with the new’, it seems history is repeating itself in the fashion world. In 2012 we saw designers such as Alexander Wang and Donna Karan sporting trends down the runway that reminded us of the past. Even home grown Aussie brand Sol Hermana are mixing colours and patterns in their Summer range, reminding me of something my mum would have donned in the 80s!

Brands such as Acne and the above mentioned Sol Hermana have brought the ‘draped’ trend back to life, but not just for the body conscious this time. A draped garment can either add an element of class, or grunge to one’s ensemble. My personal favourite is the draped top with a chunky necklace, skirt and boots, think Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2008.


Another trend that has stuck around all these years is the chain. Whether it’s on that Chanel bag you’re saving up for, or twisted up in that bargain of an ASOS necklace that arrived last week- the chain has survived every movement in the fashion world.


Although, there are some fashion fads we may never learn from. A few weeks ago I put on a pair of denim overalls I hadn’t seen since 2003, the denim trend has come back with more force than ever. The vests, overalls, jackets, and for those more daring- the double denim! We all thought it was bad when Britney and JT did it, but here we go again!

This Summer has been all about the past, we’ve seen platforms Victoria Beckham would have died for back in her spice girls’ days and lace body suits Madonna would have rocked in her Like a Virgin clip. So where does it all go from here? Autumn looks at deeper colours, so it may be time to say goodbye to fluoro for now. You may find yourself mixing leather with denim, or wool. Keep an eye out for Sol Hermana’s winter collection to keep your wardrobe up to date!

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